Fathers’ Manual – Success in Work

Lord God, and Father of us all, look down upon me and give me your abundant aid in my fatherly office.¬†Grant me the help to be successful in my job of providing adequately for the family entrusted to me. Give me as it pleases you, the health of body needed to carry out my work; … Continue reading Fathers’ Manual – Success in Work

The Dragon Slayer Beads – Troop 1819

Troops of Saint George – Troop 1819 Dragon Slayer Beads will be part of the standard issue every day carry (EDC) equipment given to each cadet. The Dragon Slayer Beads have been adapted from Ranger pace beads to incorporate practical field skills with each Cadets Spiritual journey. Ranger pace beads is an ancient tool utilized … Continue reading The Dragon Slayer Beads – Troop 1819

Fathers’ Manual; For Fatherly Guidance

Lord God, author of all wisdom and Spirit of all true enlightenment teach me how to do my work as a father according to your will. Enlighten my mind that I may understand what to tell my children when it is necessary to give them direction or advice. Give me good judgment to understand true … Continue reading Fathers’ Manual; For Fatherly Guidance