First Annual Soccer Challenge – KofC Council 1819

by Ron Trenum • • September 24, 2016

Nine boys and girls from Bogalusa, Louisiana spent Saturday morning at the Bogalusa Sports Complex to compete in a friendly soccer shootout. Three of the nine competitors were named council champions of the 2016 Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge. Two of the participants, Nathan Keen and Landon Lott have earned the right to compete at the district level. Fr. Placide Dobyns Council 1819 in Bogalusa sponsored the local competition and boys and girls ages 5-14 were eligible to participate.

Three fierce and competitive divisions were established the morning of September 24th. The competitors in the 9-14 year old division would take 15 shots from 36-feet away. The regulation goal was divided into five scoring sections that ranged from 5 to 20 points. The point system remained the same for the 5-8 year old division, however, they had 15 shots from 30-feet away. The third division, and my personal favorite was the impromptu Miss Petite Southern Sass Division; where I quickly learned that it’s not Ava…it’s Ava Grace!

Nathan Keen was the 9-14 year old council champion with a total score of 80 points. Tyson Trenum was the 5-8 year old council champion with a total score of 115 points. Allie Schultz was the Miss Petite Southern Sass council champion with a total score of 115 points. All participates did an amazing job during the competition. A special thanks to all the parents who attended.


  1. Nathan Keen
  2. Raydon Keen
  3. Ava Grace Keen
  4. Landon Lott
  5. Cullen Lott
  6. Jaxson Schultz
  7. Allie Schultz
  8. Tyson Trenum
  9. Triston Trenum

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