New Christians At Risk Commercial

A new commercial airing nationally during both parties’ conventions picks up on a theme considered in both party’s platforms: the plight of Christians suffering genocide in the Middle East. The commercial seeks the public’s help in supporting these persecuted Christians, since funds from the U.S. government and the United Nations often do not reach these … Continue reading New Christians At Risk Commercial

Breastplate of Charity | Fathers for Good

The critical components for our Armor of Virtue are almost assembled. Faith first forged for us a shield. Hope next honed for us a helmet. Now charity – the third and final theological virtue – builds for us a breastplate. In medieval times, the breastplate served two functions for a knight. The first was bodily … Continue reading Breastplate of Charity | Fathers for Good

Liberty Life Family | Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus promotes a robust vision of religious liberty that embraces religion’s proper role in both its private and public dimensions. As both Catholics and Americans, we celebrate the essential relationship shared between religion and liberty, a relationship which has uniquely defined our country’s identity and has fostered our country’s development. Source: Liberty … Continue reading Liberty Life Family | Knights of Columbus