To help bring parishioners together in a spiritual activity and promote devotion to Mary, the Knights of Columbus Supreme council is pleased to announce a new church activity, the 5th Sunday Rosary Program. Knights, their families and other parishioners are encouraged to pray the rosary as a corporate body every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month.

The 5th Sunday Rosary services will be conducted on Jan. 31, May 29, July 31, and Oct. 30 during the 2016 fraternal year and Jan. 29, Apr. 30, July 30, Oct. 29, and Dec. 31 during the 2017 fraternal year.

Finger rosaries that can be used during the program, and are available from the Supreme Council and can be ordered by using the 5th Sunday Rosary Kit (SR-KIT). Participants may also use their own rosaries, and Knights are encouraged to use the rosaries that they received during their First Degree. Conducting this Church Activity every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month as part of the 2016-2017 fraternal year will allow your council to list each one in the Church Activities section on the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7). In addition, it provides a visible “faith formation” program that will engage current members and their families, and offer parish families who are not yet part of the council an opportunity to experience the faith and fellowship that comes with being a member of the Knights of Columbus.


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How to Pray the Finger Rosary