peace_prayer_221The Knights of Columbus World Day of Prayer for Peace seeks to unite Knights, Catholics and all people of good will – regardless of their religious faith – in prayer for peace.

While Sept. 11 will always be remembered for the tragic loss of life, Knights hope that this somber occasion will be the foundation of an annual opportunity for a day of earnest prayer for peace in the world.

To commemorate this tragedy with dignity and hope, the Supreme Council passed a resolution in 2004 to observe September 11 as a day of prayer for peace.

“The World Day of Prayer for Peace will bring to the world the Church’s message of peace and reconciliation, so that religion will always be a cause for mutual respect and harmony, and never for violence or hatred,” said Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.

“In a special way, we remember the brave men and women of the military who work tirelessly, even to the point of sacrificing their own lives, to bring about true peace rooted in justice,” he added. Source>

On the weekend of September 11, 2016, members of Council 1819 will assemble 30 minutes prior to each mass to recite the rosary.

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